Guidelines of matching gift program via Easymatch

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Guidelines of matching gift program via Benevity Portal

Guidelines of matching gift program via YourCause Portal


The following companies' matching gift programs are managed with and USTCIF is already on the grograms. Donor can log into easymatch's website to submit the match request.

Note:Some companies' matching gift URL can be accessed on corporate intranet only.

Matching gift URL:

BNY Mellon

Deutsche Bank.


Shell(in progress)

Silicon Labs

When USTCIF not on the program yet:

If your company's matching gift program is managed with, but USTCIF hasn't registered yet, please go to the Matching gift URL and make the request. Once there is a matching gift request, USTCIF will receive a mail from the company with instructions to complete the process.

When making the matching gift request, you may need the following information of USTCIF:

1.Organization Name:University of Science and Technology of China Initiative Foundation

2.EIN:27-4542683 (or 274542683)

If you have any question, please email us at .