Scientist Job at Amgen in Thousand Oaks, Calif





Amgen is looking for a scientist position at Amgen in Thousand Oaks North of LA. This is a newly opened position and needs to be filled as soon as possible with qualified scientist in Dr. Zaiqing Wen(USTC733)'s lab.

Job Posting Title: Scientist


Ph. D. in chemistry or material science is required. An appropriate candidate should have a solid physical science background (physical chemistry, material chemistry, polymer science or biophysics etc.) and extensive laboratory experience. He/she should also be proficient in operating specialized analytical instruments, i.e., optical microscope, FTIR-microscope with relevant knowledge in surface chemistry of semi-conductor substrates and organic/polymeric films. The candidate should have good hands-on, analytical, and inter-personal and communication skills.

Job Description

The position’s primary responsibility is to provide analytical support to formulation development, container technology and drug delivery device engineering for the advancement of drug product development and commercialization. The majority of the work will be focused on applying surface characterization techniques to study surface properties of primary and secondary container alternatives, packaging components, and devices, along with material characterization of primary containers and micro-particles in formulation based drug products and new biopharmaceutical manufacture technology. His/her roles and responsibilities include performing experiments, data analysis, preparing analytical reports and presenting results in project meetings. The candidates will also be responsible for preparing samples and performing routine laboratory procedures as appropriate to individual laboratories, and maintaining laboratory equipment and supplies. Additional responsibilities include maintaining laboratory notebook and/or computer files, participating in group and project meetings, and attending seminars as required. Hands-on experience with micro-particle manipulation and handling is preferred. Basic microscopic and spectroscopic techniques are essential. Experience in other surface techniques such as ATR-FTIR, Raman, scanning electron microscopy (SEM), X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy (XPS) would be highly desirable. Protein chemistry or biotechnology experience would be helpful but not mandatory.

Contacts: Dr. Zaiqing Wen(USTC733): (_ATNOSPAM_=@)



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