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Faculty Recruitment at the Chinese Institute for Brain Research, Beijing (CIBR)

The Chinese Institute for Brain Research, Beijing (CIBR), is excited to announce openings for faculty positions at all levels, including Research Fellow, Assistant Investigator, Associate Investigator, and Investigator. We are actively seeking candidates from a range of disciplines, with a particular interest in the etiology and development of novel therapies for neurological diseases, advanced technology and method development, and brain-machine interface research. Exceptional candidates from other neuroscience areas are also encouraged to apply. Learn more about our institute and these opportunities at CIBR's official website https://www.cibr.ac.cn/.

At CIBR, we pride ourselves on our interdisciplinary approach, collaborating closely with top hospitals to address critical questions in brain science. Our partnerships with Beijing Tiantan Hospital and Beijing Xuanwu Hospital, affiliated with Capital Medical University, have led to the creation of Joint Translational Research Centers, which serve as a hub for clinical problem-solving, pioneering therapy development, and the seamless transition of groundbreaking research into practical clinical applications.

We are in search of dynamic, creative, and dedicated scientists to fill various full-time research positions across all ranks. Our ideal candidates are those whose research interests align with, but are not limited to: ·Large-scale neural recording/decoding and closed-loop neural modulation, focusing on the design, engineering, and deployment of real-time signal decoding systems. ·Genetics, bioinformatics, and developmental biology related to brain diseases. ·Medicinal chemistry relevant to the brain, including compound synthesis, chemical biology, and computer-assisted modeling/drug design. ·Integrating basic research, patient-oriented research, and population-based research in multidisciplinary ways.

Join us at CIBR, where your expertise can contribute to a world of difference in brain science and human health.


Qualified candidates need to possess a PhD or MD, along with postdoctoral training or relevant industrial experience, and a demonstrated track record of research achievements. Senior applicants are particularly encouraged to apply if they have a well-established history of scientific accomplishments, innovation, and leadership in externally funded and high-profile research programs. For Research Fellow positions, candidates should have earned their doctoral degree within the last two years and show significant scientific promise. Our evaluation of candidates is based solely on scientific qualifications, without regard to age, gender, nationality, or ethnicity.


Our primary areas of focus include neurological diseases, advanced technology development, and brain-machine interface research.


CIBR offers attractive start-up packages, internationally competitive salaries and benefits, along with six years of secure funding, subject to renewal based on successful evaluations by our esteemed international advisory committee. We boast state-of-the-art core facilities and provide an English-speaking work environment. Our institute also offers robust administrative support and access to exceptional graduate and postdoctoral programs.


CIBR boasts a vibrant community of approximately 600 dedicated research staff and graduate students. Our institute encompasses 35 individual labs, each spearheaded by expert Principal Investigators. Additionally, we offer 10 state-of-the-art core facilities, fully equipped to provide advanced technical support for a wide range of biomedical and computational research projects.

CIBR is on a mission to become a world-leading hub in neuroscience and brain-inspired computation. Our institute fosters groundbreaking, independent research with the potential for significant long-term impact. This is supported by our innovative management practices, including a novel funding plan. This plan alleviates the burden of frequent grant applications by employing an international peer-review process for appointing and promoting tenure-track staff.

What truly sets CIBR apart is our culture. We cultivate a dynamic and inclusive environment, encouraging our team members to embrace their authenticity, grow professionally, and form meaningful connections within the CIBR network. Our Junior Faculty Mentor Program exemplifies our commitment to career development, offering junior faculty comprehensive support in various areas such as intellectual growth, research progress, resource access, tenure advancement, academic networking, and leadership training. Furthermore, our international administrative structure allows researchers to concentrate on their work with minimal routine distractions.

We invite exceptional talents to join our thriving community. At CIBR, you will find unparalleled opportunities to contribute to pioneering discoveries and propel advancements in brain research.


Applicants for PI and Research Fellow positions should submit a CV, a statement of research accomplishments, interests and future plans (3-4 pages), and compile these materials into one PDF file. Additionally, at least 3 letters of recommendation should be sent directly to pi_recruit@cibr.ac.cn from the recommenders. All application materials (including recommendation letters) must be in English.

Email: pi_recruit@cibr.ac.cn (Please indicate in the email subject: "xxx applying for PI position" or "xxx applying for Fellow position")

Contact: Xiaolin Zhang, PhD, Assistant of CIBR Search Committee

TEL: +86-10-81912672

Address: Chinese Institute for Brain Research, Beijing (CIBR), Bldg.3, NO.9, YIKE Rd, Zhongguancun Life Science Park, Changping District, Beijing,China















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